Sunday, April 3, 2011


During my years at Yale Divinity School
I published a satirical essay sheet entitled
 Holy Smoke .
When the essays
were compiled for publication ( 1976 -1981 ).
 I chose to satirize the idea of a sacred
 text by using the black leather/gold leaf format
of the Bible, and dividing the essays into chapters
and verses in single columns.
Does my blasphemy
warrant my assassination ?
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NB: In the second paragaraph of Sex at Yale "at third" should, of course,  read "a third".
Imagine :For thirty years that "t" has been waiting patiently to return to its home in the alphabet.

Published in Yale Divinity School's alumni publication April, 2013, in an article on
"Unconventional Ministries"

Review of Holy Smoke by Roland H. Bainton, Titus Street Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Yale University Emeritussubmitted to Harry B. Adams, Assistant Dean
at Yale Divinity School.

I put these items away in my files and haven't looked at them for 30 years. Some are stained and worn, as Dr.  Bainton's review above.
What strikes me, as I read over the notes especially, is the kindness and generosity of people who had busy lives. 
I, of course, was young and self-centered and took all this for granted.
The first item, by my friend in New Haven at the time, Tom Ward, has never been published before.
Paul Keane
Vermont, 2011

* Thomas Brennan Ward

If anyone reading this knows where Thomas Brennan Ward now resides, please send this to him and ask him to contact me!

* William F. Buckley, Jr.

* Mrs. William Sloane Coffin

* (Miss) Isabel Wilder

Miss Wilder was the 'special friend' mentioned in the Acknowledgements.
Isabel Wilder with her brother, author, Thornton Wilder.
Miss Wilder funded the first edition of Holy Smoke.

* Henri A. Nouwen

* Glenn A. Olds

* Clarence A. Brodeur

* George Rupp

(I'm flattered that he thought me a professor!)

* A. Bartlett Giamatti

* New York Review of Books

* Edmund D. Pellegrino

* Arnold Jacob Wolf